The Risk of Online Marketing & The Solution

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Online marketing is now a multi-billion pound industry that is growing month on month. The reason for this insane growth is simply down to human nature and what consumers are now doing. 15 years ago if you needed a business you would look in the yellow pages, today if you need to find a business type you will search in Google! That’s just how things have changed, with mobile now accounting for over 55% of searches conducted worldwide, online marketing optimisation for for mobiles is likely to increase exponentially too, Says Jamie Richards, a UK Leeds based SEO consultant.

Our worry is there is so much risk when selecting one of these online marketing companies. There are literally thousands of these companies in the UK alone, with 90% of them having no clue how to actually implement a profitable marketing campaign!

There have been horror stories of businesses paying individuals thousands to optimise the website only to find that these people actually have no idea what they are doing! That’s just not right. We asked one of the individuals from the branding division about this topic and below is what they said.

Initially we received emails everyday from online marketing or seo companies from India and Asia, we tried a couple for $199 a month and they were all terrible, but we didn’t lose to much money so it wasn’t really much of an issue. After this we decided to invest a lot into SEO and digital marketing in general. We took on a company for 6 months on a contract of £1,000 a month.

To cut a long story short, these people did some things but nothing brought any ROI in 6 months! Which meant we had essentially paid £6,000 for nothing! No clients, barely any leads and no rankings! Luckily now we work with a good seo company called HQ SEO, who have ranked us nicely for some profitable keywords, so we won’t be looking for anyone ever again!

Our advice would be speak to them on the phone and ask technical questions, if they know what they are talking about then they should be able to produce for you, if they start talking about generic SEO information then they should be avoided!

Taking this one step further we recommend actually searching for an seo agency in your area and working with them. If they rank #1 in your location, then its likely they at least have a small idea what they are doing!

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